¿Es Ud. traductor diplomado especializado en inglés técnico/científico?

La Asociación Argentina de Traductores Técnico-Científicos nuclea a los profesionales de la traducción especializada de la República Argentina.

To join the Argentine Association of Technical-Scientific Translators, you must be a graduate from a College of Higher Education or University College with a degree in technical-scientific translation.


  • Submission of a letter of application for membership in English (addressed to The Registrar and signed off with your full name, address, phone number and e-mail);

  • Submission of a simple copy of your ID (Documento Nacional de Identidad);

  • Submission of two colour photographs (4 x 4 cm, white background);

  • Submission of a certified copy of your academic transcript (Certificado Analítico de Estudios Superiores) stating completion of a degree course on technical-scientific English-Spanish translation;

  • Completion of the 'Deontology and Professional Formation' online seminar.

The documentation (letter, photographs, and copies of ID and transcript) should be handed in at the headquarters of the AATT, Calle 6 Nº 843 - 1900 La Plata - BA, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00; or sent by registered post. Once the AATT acknowledges receipt of the documentation, you will qualify to enrol for the 'Deontology and Professional Formation' online seminar whose cost is $500, enrolment fee (valid for any number of online seminars during the present year) and $1000, seminar fee.

On completion of the 'Deontology and Professional Formation' online seminar, you will qualify to register with the AATT. The cost of registration is $500.

The AATT wishes to remind you about the benefits of being a member of a professional collective body. 
Lifetime rights of Active & Passive Members
As a member of the AATT you have the right to:
Additional rights (exclusive to Active Members)
As an Active Member you have the right to:
  • Free referral of prospective clients, both corporate and private;
  • Free information on job vacancies;
  • Free access to the AATT’s online translation resources (Centro de Traducción at;
  • Free certification of the authenticity of your signature and stamp on technical-scientific translations;
  • Free certification of your translations in compliance with the ISO 2384:1977 international standard, ASTM F2575-14 US standard and EN 15038:2006 European standard;
  • Free consultation of the AATT's indicative rates to estimate the cost of plain, technical and scientific translations, as well as interpretations and sight translations;
  • Application of the AATT's indicative rates to your translation and interpretation projects;
  • Enrolment-fee free admission to seminars and educational activities at Oxford and Traductorado;
  • Exemption of payment of the CHE storage fee;
  • A free copy of the Traductorado course syllabi.
  • Free letters of recommendation for job applications or for furthering studies.
The condition of member of the AATT is never lost, except for serious violations of the CPC (Code of Professional Conduct).

Some final points for your consideration:

1. Application for membership of the AATT may be submitted at any time of the year.
2. The 'Deontology and Professional Formation' online seminar is a new-member requirement which consists of several modules of reading material and an evaluation instance following each module. All the activities are carried out online.
3. The cost of registration at the AATT is a one-time expense and the license to use your Register Number and professional stamp is for life; yet, if you are willing to remain an Active Member you should renew your active membership every 12 calendar months. The membership fee is $500.
4. All fees are in Argentine pesos.
5. Payments can be made personally, through a courier designated by yourself or by means of an invoiced code which will be sent to you upon request so that you can effect payment at any Pago Fácil, Rapipago, Bapro Pago or Cobro Express cash register nationwide.